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Pisces Wednesday, 1 Jul 2015
This is a good time for relaxing recreation, a time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and do the things you most enjoy doing. Good humor and optimism prevail now, and you are able to get a larger perspective on your life. This is also a good time to approach someone who is in a position to benefit you spiritually, intellectually, or materially.

Thursday, 2 Jul 2015
You need to stand up for yourself, perhaps in a David-and-Goliath type of situation. If you have been unscrupulous or overly egotistical and selfish in your pursuits, you are likely to get your comeuppance now.

Friday, 3 Jul 2015
Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now. Your judgment is sound. Making worthwhile professional contacts, reaching out to others who can help you in your work, and taking care of business in an orderly, clear way are also likely.

Saturday, 4 Jul 2015
You feel possessive of the people you love, as well as the objects and ideas you value. This emotional connection that you make with other people at this time is fraught with conflicts and disappointments as your behavior is regarded as suffocating and smothering. If possible, attempt to create a more equal sharing of love and nurturing in your partnerships.

Sunday, 5 Jul 2015
You easily become fired up emotionally at this time, especially about people, places, or causes you have a strong attachment to from the past, such as your alma mater or your home town. You care more passionately and respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Also, you are energized and invigorated now and eager to be involved in projects that benefit your children, family, or home.

Monday, 6 Jul 2015
Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to accommodate the unexpected will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once and will tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful.

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015
Conversations and sharing plans and ideas with others are very fruitful now. You understand what others are telling you, and you make yourself clearly understood also. This is a favorable time for getting your message across to others via writing, speaking, or advertising.

Wednesday, 8 Jul 2015
During this phase, you might ask for advice or guidance from an older individual, parent or close friend about your marriage or relationship. If you need to do this, they can offer you gentle wisdom that will prove beneficial in some manner.

Thursday, 9 Jul 2015
Your vitality and self-confidence are high, and you can achieve your goals with much more ease than usual. You enjoy vigorous physical activities, competitive work or sports, and meeting challenges. You are inclined to strike out on your own and to assert your own will, but not in a way that creates resistance in others.

Friday, 10 Jul 2015
Your thinking is rather gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You see the superficiality, the flaws, and the foolishness or impracticality in others' plans. Also, communicating with others is difficult now, and people resist what you are saying. You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, and you sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Saturday, 11 Jul 2015
This can be a time for exposing and talking about hidden, intensely private, secret, or taboo subjects. Your mind is very probing and your conversations and interactions with others are intense. Pat answers and superficialities don't suffice now. You can be too intrusive or overbearing when stating your point of view.

Sunday, 12 Jul 2015
You feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings, your past, and other personal subjects, which builds closeness and trust in your relationships, especially with women. You are also a sympathetic listener, drawing out others' feelings and personal experiences.

Monday, 13 Jul 2015
You are more clear and objective about personal matters and your relationships, so this is a favorable time to iron out differences or come to a decision. Communicating openly with loved ones, taking a trip to visit friends, or going on an outing accompanied by one you love figures prominently now.

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015
Superficial relating will not satisfy you. Instead, you search for depth and deep involvement with your partner. This is a favorable time to heal any resentment or jealousy that has previously plagued the relationship. With little effort, you and your partner can effectively achieve greater emotional intensity and passion during this phase.

Wednesday, 15 Jul 2015
You are inspired creatively, artistically, or spiritually at this time. Your imagination, intuition, and psychic sensitivity are high now, and you find yourself wanting to paint or listen to music, daydream, or fantasize rather than concentrate on practical matters.

Thursday, 16 Jul 2015
You are motivated to work at resolving any ongoing problems you may be dealing with, but you're apt to be rather irritable and edgy now also. You can't seem to ignore problems or just let them pass. Family relations are rather tense.

Friday, 17 Jul 2015
You have a low tolerance for boredom and following rules today and you make some creative changes and discoveries, experiment with new possibilities, or invent a new way of doing things.

Saturday, 18 Jul 2015
You don't want to follow anybody else's lead at this time, but fortunately you are able find ways to be yourself and even be a little "crazy" without offending or upsetting others. This is a dynamic and exciting period. Take advantage of any unusual offers or opportunities.

Sunday, 19 Jul 2015
This is a very good time to let people know you care about them: send a card, write a note of appreciation or even a love letter! You may also want to buy something beautiful, pleasing, and frivolous which simply makes you feel good.

Monday, 20 Jul 2015
You may take a renewed interest in your creative or artistic endeavors, as you come up with very unique and different concepts. You can alleviate any former differences with a loved one now by revitalizing the relationship or looking for new ways to approach everyday situations. On another level, you and your mate can begin constructive joint ventures now, for instance, combining your unique talents and abilities on a project or making sound investments from your personal assets and financial resources.

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015
You experience sudden insights, make discoveries, come up with fresh solutions to old problems, and seek alternatives to the usual routine way of doing things. Your mental processes are speeded up and you move more quickly now. Try to make room for a lot of spontaneity and flexibility in your schedule at this time.

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015
Healing techniques that enhance the mind and the physical body are favorable. You enjoy pleasant and relaxing surroundings, and your relationships are cooperative and rewarding to you.

Thursday, 23 Jul 2015
You are likely to come to a very clear, definite decision at this time and to let others know exactly what you want. You are not in a very conciliatory mood and are not averse to stirring up unpleasant controversy in defense of your plan, idea, or desire. You may speak or act in haste now which can be a cause of regret later on.

Friday, 24 Jul 2015
You feel energetic, confident, and assertive now, and are less inclined to be patient with others' needs and demands. You may become angry if your will is blocked or if you have to adjust your vigorous pace to others' slower tempo.

Saturday, 25 Jul 2015
Your plans and ideas are subject to radical revisions, significant changes, and forced adjustments. Something you had counted on may suddenly disappear. You are also apt to hear a totally unsuspected side about someone or something. While possibly distressing, this news nevertheless puts pieces together for you which were missing before. Also, you may be dealing with behind-the-scene matters, subtle political maneuvers, or Machiavellian tactics.

Sunday, 26 Jul 2015
Right now you are more magnetic and sexually attractive, and your love life is likely to be both harmonious and satisfying. You experience a positive flow of warmth and friendliness between yourself and others, and you are stimulated and energized by your casual interactions with others of the opposite sex. Creative and artistic efforts also flourish at this time.

Monday, 27 Jul 2015
Your imagination is very strong at this time, and you fantasize about a more perfect life. Perhaps more importantly, you believe that your fantasies can become reality, and you are inclined to gamble in an effort to easily achieve your dreams.

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015
Your religious and spiritual proclivities are awakened at this time, and you can experience profound inner, spiritual experiences now. Also, you may find that the opportunity to vacation or travel a great distance comes to you now, providing you the opportunity to gain a fresh, more inspired perspective on life.

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2015
Sales, teaching, public speaking, negotiating, or any endeavor that involves giving information to others is favored now. You are clear, articulate, and communicative at this time.

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015
Children may display rebellious behavior and may need to exert their self-reliance in a disruptive manner. If possible, try to build the courage and self-confidence of children and loved ones so that they may foster their independence through the proper channels.

Friday, 31 Jul 2015
Your pushiness or competitive attitude is likely to create antagonism, hostility, and further resistance to your efforts. It is best to work alone rather than try to cooperate or coordinate your efforts with anyone at this time. Also, you are impatient and tend to behave in an impulsive, irritable way which makes you more prone to accidents during this period.