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June 18, 2019 It's a time best spent working alone, structuring and organizing your life in some way, and focusing on whatever tasks (however distasteful or tedious) that you really need to do.

June 19, 2019 Talking with your mate, business partner, or other close associates is likely to be helpful now, and you may be able to negotiate some agreement or come to some resolution of a problem you've been having. You're likely to be more fair and detached at this time.
June 20, 2019 This can be a very romantic or sentimental time. You can cry at the drop of a hat and your need for love and compassion is strong. It is great to be this open, but it also means that you could be lacking discrimination and good judgment.
June 21, 2019 You feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings, your past, and other personal subjects, which builds closeness and trust in your relationships. You are also a sympathetic listener, drawing out others' feelings and personal experiences.

June 22, 2019 You may hear from someone from the past or reach out to someone you have a long history with or who was once very important in your life.