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Reliability and responsibility are keywords right now.  You may feel the pressure of having to do the job right, but you have what it takes to stick to it and get done what you need to get done. You can be proud of your commitment and hard work.

Sharing on an intimate, personal level is accented now. You respond to others much more emotionally than you usually would.

You can be quick to respond today.  This spontaneity may cause you to think and talk quickly.  You can feel playful and chatty, but you may also have an argumentative side.  Take the time to think before making a fast remark.

Social events, cultural activities, and entertainment are highly favored. You feel good and can enjoy yourself. There's a tendency to overindulge in food or other comforts.

You feel a bit wild or impulsive and may act in an impulsive manner which could embarrass you later. Emotional outbursts are also possible, especially if you've been feeling especially constrained or stressed.