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Take some time for brainstorming and for exploring ideas without the need to make immediate sense out of them.  The inventive and creative sides of you can flower now, but you need to cultivate them.  
Commit yourself to a task which requires patience but not too much effort.  Moving slowly and carefully may suit you today. If you feel sad, allow yourself the time to explore these feelings and then see what needs to be changed in order to make life better for you.

Feeling different can be a pleasure if you enjoy stepping out from the crowd.  If not, this can be a time when you feel strange, misunderstood or apart from others.  Be inventive and learn that you can reinvent yourself all over again.

This is a time for dreaming, for healing and for helping those less fortunate than you.  Your instincts can carry you up to your highest ideals, filling you with inspiration and showing those around you how magical life can be.

A need for support, sympathetic understanding, a sense of security and continuity with the past, and sharing on an intimate, personal level is accented now. You respond to others much more emotionally than you usually would.