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You feel very strongly about something and are unlikely to be influenced or convinced otherwise. You are moved very deeply by some person or some event. This is a good time to get your feelings out in some way.

This is a good time to enter into a debate.  Even a simple conversation may turn into an unplanned debate, even an argument.  Mental aggression is on the menu now, so find a place to take advantage of your mental energy that will be useful for you.

This can be an exciting time of meeting new and different people.  You are attracted to those who break the mold and can stimulate you with new values, tastes and ideas.  
This is a good time to enjoy new activities, leaving behind the old routine. You can learn that you have the right to be different and to be yourself, yet still be loved and appreciated.

 You may have a very sharp tongue and can be a bit impatient yet able to cut right to the point in talking with others at this time.  At best you are able to communicate forcefully, gaining the attention of others.