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This is a time for escapist activities.  This means that you may not be very practical now, wasting energy, putting out effort in ways or in areas where there is little practical return.  You may want to act like a hero today, but try not to be a martyr and don't expend all your resources.

This is a very good time to be logical, to see the big picture, and to think strategically.  You can see all the steps that are required to fulfill your long-term goals.  You can also be an accurate observer of society and its issues.

You can work in ways which have long-term effects.  This is not a time for petty details, but for carving out the structure of serious projects.  
You can be a good leader or organizer now with a good sense of how to balance optimism and practicality.

Your mind is whizzing now.  It can be full of things that you need to do, endless details and facts and bits of information.  You could, however, also be functioning at a high level of intelligence which enables you to communicate effectively and handle the many details in your life.