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June 14, 2019
You have distinct impressions which prove remarkably accurate.  Even if you feel a bit introspective or reclusive now, your instinct will direct you to bring form to your inherent talents. You also have much to offer to people who are confined or hospitalized now in the form of guidance and compassion.
June 15, 2019
You could be in such a romantic place that you do not see people as they really are.  Although your compassion is admirable, be careful in investing money, energy, and your heart right now.  You need to be realistic so that these visions can endure.

June 16, 2019
This is a good time to spread your wings - perhaps travel, vacation, or get involved in something new. This is a wonderful time to socialize and meet new people. 
June 17, 2019
Your intuition may be working overtime now.  You are extremely sensitive and can express considerable compassion towards others.  
June 18, 2019
 An intense emotional or sexual attraction, a very revealing, intimate encounter, or a powerful desire to be close to and share your deepest feelings with someone is very likely now.