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April 21, 2019
You are spontaneous, excitable and restless and ready for changes. You can respond quickly to new people and new activities now.  It is good to feel free and fresh. This can help you to make some changes in your tastes and attitudes.

April 22, 2019
You easily become fired up emotionally at this time, especially about people, places, or causes you have a strong attachment to from the past, such as your alma mater or your home town. 
April 23, 2019
You can present yourself as sexy, dynamic and attractive. This is a time when you can be bolder, able to approach people you would not normally try to contact.  You are likely to have the charm and the confidence to get your way and enjoy yourself at the same time.

April 24, 2019
Your drive for personal power, achievement, or control over your life is very strong at this time. You battle anyone or anything that is an obstacle to your individual freedom of action. 
April 25, 2019
 You feel a need for more fulfillment and excitement in your romantic life, and you seek changes in your love relationships. If you are married or involved in a love relationship, it is likely that you will tell your partner in no uncertain terms various things that you would like changed in the relationship.