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June 14, 2019 You may get angry now if you feel anyone is pushing their desires on you, or you can be the recipient of a loved one's fury if they think you are treating them unfairly.

June 15, 2019 You may decide to change the decor of your home, or you may attend a musical or artistic event that exposes you to new styles that are different from your customary tastes.  
June 16, 2019 This is a good time to get a new perspective on your relationships and your life style, but do not force yourself to make important decisions now while you are not completely comfortable with any of the alternatives.
June 17, 2019 You are likely to be willful in your thinking right now. This can raise tensions if you are not careful. You can be a very powerful communicator, but it is not a time when compromise or diplomacy are likely to come easily to you.
June 18, 2019 You definitely need to do things your own way right now. You are not about to be pressured into playing the game the way others want you to. This is a time to play the rebel, go your own way, and discover the fun of walking on the wild side.