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If you have been passive or nonchalant about business affairs, finances, and material security, you will begin taking a more active, positive attitude toward this area of your life. Increased ambition and enterprise are likely.

This is a time when you may be challenged mentally.  You could come up with some new ideas and make some breakthroughs in communications now.  You may need to speak assertively to get others to pay attention to you.

Your career, reputation, and most important personal goals receive a boost now, primarily through your own initiative and willingness to assert yourself. You feel a surge of positive energy.

Superiors or people in authority will notice you now and can help you immensely, enabling you to fulfill something you are striving for. Public recognition for your work or your unique personal contribution to the world is very possible.

Your career, reputation, role in the community, and contribution to the world are very important to you at this time, and you can make significant gains regarding your ambitions. Recognition for your efforts and receiving credit for your accomplishments are likely now, if you've "done your homework".