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You do have the ability to communicate with imagination now and to talk with great compassion.

You greet life with a fresh attitude, and it is easy for you to forget the mistakes of the past and envision bright new avenues for growth and fulfillment.

At this time you will want to branch out; you have the energy to do more and take on more challenges. This is a very good time to begin implementing the plans and promises that you have made to yourself, as any new endeavor is likely to succeed. 
A new health regimen, actions taken to advance professionally, or anything you do to move toward achieving a cherished goal or ideal goes well now.

It is time to work on the most fundamental and basic structural level.  This is not a time for being superficial, but rather a period when slow, committed efforts are most likely to be rewarded.  It will take patience to get results, but you can push past almost any resistance.