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February 21, 2019
Your personal ambitions and drive to assert yourself and make an impact on the world meet with considerable opposition now. You need to stand up for yourself, perhaps in a David-and-Goliath type of situation.
February 22, 2019
You can be very intuitive now, even psychic.  It is not easy to explain your thoughts, but you have an incredible imagination now.  You can be subtle in your communication, but are also very sensitive to what others have to say to you.

February 23, 2019
You are apt to feel especially sensitive, moody, and desirous of privacy and solitude. You may instinctively wish to shield yourself from emotions and problems of others. This is a good time for peaceful meditation, contemplation, and spiritual renewal.

February 24, 2019
Superhuman effort may be demanded of you, but you also have more than usual energy today.  You bring up feelings from your very depths, some of which may not be so pleasant.  Stay focused and you can move mountains.

February 25, 2019
Reliability and responsibility are keywords right now.  You may feel the pressure of having to do the job right, but you have what it takes to stick to it and get done what you need to get done. You can be proud of your commitment and hard work.